About Adam

Adam C. Banks is the sous chef and resident sommelier on Bravo’s Chef Roblé & Co., the hit, reality TV show about a Brooklyn-based catering firm.

Adam’s quirky sense of humor quickly made him a fan favorite, and his imaginative recipes have been praised by a host of celebrity clients including Vanessa Williams, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, and NBA All-Star Tyson Chandler.

He joined the Roblé & Co. team in 2011, but Adam began cooking professionally long before national audiences tuned in weekly to see his latest creations.

He was exposed to amazing cuisine at an early age by parents who met while they were students at the Culinary Institute of America, and he developed his palate as he bounced between homes in Massachusetts and New York City.

By the time he attended college in Florida, he was hosting dinner parties in his dorm, and requesting cookbooks for Christmas.

Following in his parent’s footsteps, he enrolled in C.I.A. in 2005.  After graduation, he honed his skills by cooking for private events, and working his way around Manhattan kitchens until he was tapped for the sous chef position at Roblé & Co.

When he’s not cooking in front of the camera, Adam is available to produce cooking demonstrations, and cater private events.

In April 2012 he partnered with Chef Rob McCue (Hells Kitchen, Season 8, Fox) to recreate the last dinner served on the ill-fated cruise liner, Titanic, for an exclusive party of Manhattan diners.

He has over 5000 followers on Twitter and 21,000 followers on Instagram who are entertained by his frequent bursts of culinary commentary, and pictures of treats coming from his kitchen in Astoria, New York.

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